What is Indigenous business education?

We believe that Indigenous identities, culture, language, values, ways of knowing and knowledge systems should be respected and integrated into business education. Ch'nook actively incorporates and promotes these values in the context of business education through our programs, scholarships and collaborative work with diverse Indigenous communities and organizations.

Our focus is inclusive of all Indigenous peoples in Canada - First Nations, Métis and Inuit.

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Overview of Ch'nook

Learn more about Ch’nook, our people and their commitment to the partners and communities they work with.
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Aboriginal Management Program

AMP offers a dynamic learning experience that will make a profound impact in your career, your community and your business.

Accelerated Business Program

ABP is a customizable course offering that Ch'nook delivers in partnership with Indigenous communities and organizations

Ch'nook Scholars

The Ch’nook Scholars program gives Indigenous post-secondary business students the tools and connections they need to succeed in their studies and careers.

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